Freshservice-Office 365 Calendar Integration

Planning made easier with Office 365 Calendar in Freshservice

Written by on December 7, 2016

You asked for it, and we listened! We get that it’s hard to stay on top of your calendar as it is with different schedules for work and personal life, let alone keep track of yet another calendar to look over your service desk activities. Office 365 Calendar is now integrated with Freshservice so you can schedule tasks, changes and meetings with business users at ease.  Here’s what you can do with the integration:

Sync scheduled tasks and changes in Freshservice to Office 365 Calendar

Never miss another task or change again by making the best of the Office 365-Freshservice integration. With the ability to automatically sync changes and tasks from Freshservice, agents can easily stay on top of  their duties in Freshservice, all from within your go-to Office 365 calendar. Not to mention that users can generate reminders for their Freshservice activities and receive push notifications on the Office 365 mobile app.

Take the pain away from scheduling meetings

It’s hard to correspond over emails and harder still when your meetings collide or are forgotten. For instance, if you’re troubleshooting an incident and need to speak to another agent or business user for more context about the issue, you could simply set up a meeting with them with the Freshservice-Office 365 Calendar integration.

Schedule meetings with the Freshservice-Office 365 Calendar integration

Agents can also make informed scheduling decisions with Freshservice’s suggestions of available times for setting up the appointments, based on availability on both their Office 365 calendars. Of course, they can just as easily specify the time convenient for them. Agents can simply schedule or join a meeting from within a ticket in Freshservice. Additionally, agents can seamlessly send calendar invites to requesters and add events to the calendar without switching apps.

View and plan all your service desk activities from your calendar

Bringing relief to your hectic schedule, the Freshservice-Office 365 Calendar integration helps you save time and energy while planning your day. Enable productivity in the workplace by connecting your calendar with your Freshservice account, and plan all your service desk activities and stay on top of your tasks from the single view of your calendar as well as your Freshservice account. You can also view the details of the tasks, changes, and meetings for more context from both apps, whichever is convenient for you.

A quick overview of the Freshservice-Office 365 Calendar integration:

  • Sync your Freshservice tasks and changes to events in your Office 365 calendar
  • Schedule meetings within a ticket based on the availability of both your calendars
  • Save time on planning your day by viewing your service desk agenda from the calendar
  • Send push notifications for your meeting, task or change via Office 365 mobile app as well as email
  • Share details of the events to the involved members for further context

Let us know how you like managing your service desk calendar now! For a more detailed look into using the integration, you could read the solution article or drop a line to 

P.S. There’s yet another update for you that’s ready to be rolled out pretty soon! Keep checking our blog to know more and you’ll be glad you did. 

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